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Randy Majors Adds "Most Requested Capability Now Available: Draw & Measure on the Map"

22 Nov 2021 8:04 AM | Anonymous

Randy Majors is well known in the genealogy community for his many utility programs that add a lot more functionality to Google Maps and other products for use in genealogy research. (You can find some of my previous articles describing the work of Randy by starting at Now he has added still one more useful product.

Randy writes:

"I thought your readers may be interested in this new capability that lets people draw on the map and save drawings to their account. It also measures area and length when you draw.

"With this capability, you could draw your ancestors' farms on the map (from old BLM land patents for example) using a combination of section township range, historical counties for the year of the properties (and even satellite view to get a feel for the land/terrain)."

You can read more at:

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