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Reclaim the Records Takes on NARA

14 Oct 2020 10:59 PM | Anonymous

The following was written by Reclaim The Records:

Reclaim The Records 

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In our biggest records request yet, we're going after billions of digital images and their text metadata from the US National Archives and Records Administration, to make sure they're all finally free online -- instead of locked behind paywalls

Hello again from Reclaim The Records!

We just filed the single largest Freedom of Information Act request in our organization's history, for billions of historical records. Yes, billions!

And this time, we're not just taking on a single city or state archive or agency. No, we're trying to get these billions of files from none other than the United States National Archives and Records Administration, NARA.

What kind of files? Oh, you know, basically just everything that was ever digitized through their public-private digitization partnership program.

Like, say, the Census. Immigration records. Military files. Everything.

And we want to tell you guys all about it! Because we're so frickin' excited!

But instead of cramming everything into this e-mail, we're going to point you to the whole story on our website, and you can read all about it there:

Read all about this HUGE new FOIA request we made!


Note that this is still a FOIA request, not a full-on FOIA lawsuit just yet, but it very well might become one in the near future, depending on whether NARA chooses to follow the law and release all the records, or not.

We hope they will. But we're ready to sue if they don't.

And if you're as excited about this new FOIA request (and potential new lawsuit target) as we are, we hope you'll consider making a donation to our organization, so we can keep fighting for open records from every level of our government, from the smallest city clerk's office to the actual no-joke National Archives itself.

Public records belong to the public, and not just to people who can afford hundreds of dollars a year for subscription websites. Help us get these records back and put them online -- for free -- for everyone!

From all of us at Reclaim The Records, thank you for your support!

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Reclaim The Records is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our EIN is 81-4985446.

Your support helps us keep fighting for more open records!

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