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Sharing Maps Just Got a Lot More Powerful Says Randy Majors

16 Oct 2020 7:15 PM | Anonymous

Randy Majors is well known in the genealogy community for his many utility programs that add a lot more functionality to Google Maps and other products for use in genealogy research. Now he has written more about the mapping options he has created.

Randy writes:

"Now, when you share a link to any live map tool on, the recipient will be taken to exactly the same view you were seeing when you shared it. The link you share will remember:

  • the map tool you were using (County Lines on Google Maps, ZIP Codes on Google Maps, Historical U.S. Counties on Google Maps, Section Township Range on Google Maps, etc.)
  • the zoom level of the map
  • the center point of the map
  • the location of the blue map marker (determined by the spot you had last clicked on the map)
  • the other layers you had made visible using the checkboxes in the lower left of the map (e.g. "Show US city limits")
  • whether you had labels turned on in the lower left (e.g. "Show county labels")"

"So, how do you share the link to the live map?"

Ypu can read all this and a lot more at


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