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Google Engineer Identifies Anonymous Faces in WWII Photos With AI Facial Recognition

27 Jun 2022 9:58 AM | Anonymous

Walking past the countless photos of Holocaust survivors and victims at Warsaw’s POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in 2016, New York-native Daniel Patt was haunted by the possibility that he was passing the faces of his own relatives without even knowing it.

Jews from Hungary arriving at Auschwitz in May of 1944, part of 'The Auschwitz Album' series of photographs. Most of these Jews were murdered later that day.

For Patt, a 40-year-old software engineer now working for Google, that sort of conundrum presented the potential for a creative solution. And so he set to work creating and developing From Numbers to Names (N2N), an artificial intelligence-driven facial recognition platform that can scan through photos from prewar Europe and the Holocaust, linking them to people living today.

You can read the full story in an article by by Yaakov Schwartz published in the Times of Israel web site at:


  • 28 Jun 2022 1:33 PM | Anonymous
    Thanks! I had made follow to my son, a software engineer who likes Rush.
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